Monika (or Mon)

My thirst to learn, to travel to new and/or exciting places, to try new things seems to grow with each day. My ability to absorb the information like a five-year old is steadily deteriorating. Lets face it, I am not a spring chicken anymore (well, I am still very much young – I am only 34, but as my parents would put it, way passed my prime). I find that I have to write things down the moment I think of something that I should remember. And let’s be honest, it takes some time to get used to writing things down when your memory used to be so good before you hit your 30s. Yes, entering your fourth decade means more post-it notes scattered around the house and worst hangovers ever.

Living in the wonderful city of London there is a lot to explore (both in the city, outside of it, and don’t get me started on all the wonderful connections with the world to choose from), a lot of parties to go to, and a lot of delicious food and wine to consume. Thus, we come to the reason behind this blog.

It will be a journal, a memory of everything that I have done for my future generations (if there is ever one) and for any lovely readers that might follow my journey from now on. Here you will read about the places I visit, interesting facts I learn, my hobbies, my friends and family that I have in my life, and just any other random activities I might engage myself into.

Welcome to Mon Voyage!

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