“Who are you?” is probably the hardest question to answer. Meeting someone new (whether it’s a friend or a potential suitor) is also very daunting. What do you actually tell them about yourself? How to make them think you’re sane and an interesting person?!

To be honest though, meeting people face to face is easier than trying to write about yourself to an audience you don’t even know yet (apart from my dear close friends who’ve been pushing me to start this blog forever).

So, what do I say? What is it that you, my dear readers, would like to know? Totally guessing here and I apologise in advance if this misses the mark.


Nationality: Lithuanian

Birth Place: Klaipeda, Lithuania

Residency: London, United Kingdom

Age: 34

Career: Finance Advisor

Hobbies: Photography, Travel, History, Literature, Fashion, Arts, DYI projects, Knitting and Crocheting, Calligraphy

So, I am Lithuanian, living in London for the past 12 years. Back home I spent my summer and winter holidays on my Grandparent’s farm (by the way, my Grandfather built the farmhouse from the scratch, by himself, in 1955). I have to say, those are my most favourite memories. My Great Grandmother (Baba) had a huge influence in forming my character and my values in life. I will forever treasure memories of waking up with her in the early mornings, going to the kitchen to prepare meals for the farm animals, working in the garden, playing chase, having naps, sitting at the table or by the fireplace with her and listen to my Baba sing olden songs, reminisce about the past (and it was a past full of painful and wonderful experiences) and her trying to eat stale bread by dipping it into her tea to make it softer… no food was ever wasted. That is how people who lived through WWII learned to love and treasure everything in their life.

Few Months Old Me
  My Beautiful Baba Dancing With Dad

My parents have been together since preschool. They are in their 50s now, and it feels like they barely spent time apart from each other. As all couples in life there were many tough periods and huge challenges, but they faced it together and now they are as happy as teenagers, in love for the first time! I see their life together as a romantic story that I too would like to have one day. I am myself a huge romantic (my dad teases me about it whenever he sees it fit) and allow myself to dream. Have you ever watched the movie “What Dreams May Come?” Yes, I am in love with love.

My parents and I
My Lovebirds


I still have one grandparent in my life, my grandmother from my mum’s side. She used to be a history teacher. I think maybe that’s where my love for history was born. The farmhouse used to be such a contrast. On one hand, it’s all farm related items, tools and lifestyle; on the other, bookshelves filled with history books, fun artefacts, and impressive photo albums from days gone past. My Grandmother is also a force of nature. She is 76 years old now, a daughter of a WWII deportee (my great-grandfather was taken prisoner by the Russian authorities, sent to Siberia and unfortunately that is where he passed away, never to return to see his three children grow up), she is retired and travels all around the country.  Sometimes abroad (more than I can say for my lovebird parents) with her girlfriends or by herself or with her Senior’s choir. She loves TV shows and long naps. I say, I am pretty much like her!

My Grandmother, Myself, and Aunty Laima

I went to an American university – LCC International University, a nationally recognized liberal arts institution established in 1991 by a joint venture of Lithuanian, Canadian and American foundations – in Klaipeda, the 3rd largest city in my country, and I am not being biased here or anything, but it is the prettiest. After finishing my BA, I wanted to study more – nerd that I am – but had to seek the right country to do so. I am a single child. My parents still see me as if I was that little 3-year-old that needs help with dressing, washing, cleaning my teeth, and especially living life. So, I could not in my right mind leave them and move to the USA (would have been ideal seeing where and with whom I did my BA). But no. Too far. Denmark or Netherlands – at the time the prospect of living some place where not only do I know no-one, but they speak a language I have no clue about, was too scary. So, I chose London. I came, and after achieving what I came here for – I never left.

I finished my studies (twice in the UK – told you I am a nerd) and now I do Finance for a recruitment company in the Oil & Gas industry. I have a few extremely important and close people in my life here, that make this metropolis my home. You will learn about them as we go along with this blog/diary/journal. I have supportive family, great friends, a beautiful home, and it all makes it possible for me to do what I love in my spare time.

Forever and Animal Lover

If there is something I have missed or you would like to find out more, please leave a comment at the end of this article. I will do my best to answer any of your questions.



12 Replies to “WHO IS MONIKA”

  1. Loved reading about you !! And at the same time it felt like you were right next to me telling all this story 😘😘😘


    1. Thank you Glaiza! Yes, we are big on photos in our family. ☺️ thank you for following me!


  2. I have read so many wonderful stories on Facebook….. can’t wait to see in in a blog sharing it with many others


  3. Hi Monika, I have read your blog today, but after talking it felt like I already knew your story 😃. Wish you all the best in life! And it would have been nice if you had moved to Holland. You are smart enough to learn our language 😉.


    1. Thank you Jeannet for such kind words! Fingers crossed I get to experience all the good things the future brings.


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